_ISMORE is a periodical which aims to disseminate new ways designing and building the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industries, through the use and integration of new digital information and communication technologies. It places a particular focus on methodological aspects of Innovation within this sector, which incorporates aspects of the art of design, construction and inhabiting spaces in the contemporary world.


The concept of creating a publication on this subject, innovative yet essential to the future of the sector, in which we can present results and case studies of new approaches to designing, building and inhabiting, is also an objective of the Centre for Innovation in Architecture and Modes of Inhabiting (CIAMH) Research Group based at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto (FAUP), co-authors of this issue. Since its formation, this group has worked to study and disseminate information and knowledge about new design, project management and construction techniques in the field of architecture.




Another of the aims of this issue is to understand the approach to teaching and learning the BIM methodology at FAUP, in order to identify the objectives and outcomes achieved at a school where manual drawing is held as the benchmark and remains methodologically central. We present projects and an opinion piece by students who participated in the Project Bim module.

BIM_ISMORE is the topic of the first issue, which aims to offer an overview of the processes and results of BIM application, in the context of the new AEC industry reality.


The focal point of the first edition is a feature presenting three projects by the architect Tomohiko Yamanashi, from the Japanese firm Nikken Sekkei. His work has garnered international recognition for its wise application of digital technologies and well organized integration of the different fields and specialisms of construction, in order to create a coherent whole, which links sustainability and energy efficiency principles to the characteristics of the setting and landscape.


Issues surrounding the communication of ideas, the meaning of “design” and the importance and value of the image in today’s society are also tackled in an interview with award winning 3D image and animation company Metro Cúbico Digital.



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